Key Stage 3

Years 7-9 (ages 11-14)

These first three years of a pupil’s life at Kent College are the foundation for the success of the student through the rest of the school. In Lower School the pupil is nurtured and encouraged to explore every avenue of opportunity.

In these first three years important standards are set in all of the crucial curriculum areas. Students are helped to develop a strong work ethic inside the classroom where expectations are always high. Outside the classroom the opportunities are endless and each child is encouraged to discover their own talent. The school farm provides a wonderful place of exploration for children who are less interested in the other group based activities on offer. Sport, art music and drama are encouraged at all levels from recreational to national.

Please delve into the Curriculum Booklet to find out about the subjects and the various assessment procedures.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Booklet MOVING UP TO YEAR 7 GUIDE

"My daughter started Year 7 in September, 2018. She has struggled with dyslexia and associated low self esteem and confidence. After only 3 months she is like another child, so confident, happy, and now really enjoys going to school. She has made amazing progress in all areas of the curriculum. The quality of teaching is excellent and she really enjoys subjects that she used to find challenging, like maths and science. Each child has an individual timetable according to learning needs. Some children are learning 3 languages whilst others have extra music tuition.
I would highly recommend"

Year 7 Parent

Personal Development

Team building and personal development activities are provided throughout the first three years including numerous opportunities for trips at home and abroad.

We are able to offer the facilities of occasional and weekly boarding when the need arises, ensuring that each child’s education goes unhindered and that parents have peace of mind should they need to be away from home during term time.

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