Eat well at KC

Students standing in queue for food

“On the way home from school the conversation between my two children always revolves around the same topic: what they had for lunch. The food at Kent College is amazing – the choice, the quality and the generous portions. Highlights include the chocolate brownies (to die for, apparently!), and the extensive and sophisticated choice of salads. Parents get treated too at events such as Speech Day, but it’s lovely to know that your child is being fed everyday with healthy, home-made and nutritious food.”
KC parent

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At the Junior School, all food is cooked on the premises, by Ady Smith our Chef and her team who use local and trusted suppliers for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. In addition, Ady is also able to source pork, lamb and mutton from the school’s own farm. We cater for special diets such as gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant and Chef works closely with the nurses in the school’s Medical Centre to ensure that pupils with specific needs are well looked after. Snacks are provided for all pupils up to Year 1. Children in Years 2 to 6 are encouraged to bring in a sandwich or other healthy snack to eat at break times.

Our kitchens in numbers

Dinning Hall
900 meals a day
Debbie in cafe
1885 – our cafe
6,000 eggs per week
close up of apples
11,000 apples per year
Serving food at Kent College
2,000 sausages per week!
close up of Stawberries
300 kilos of strawberries in the summer term


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